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Monday, June 17, 2013

Benito Mussolini: Before Ethiopia's Invasion

Benito Mussolini gave this speech before invading Ethiopia in 1935.

Black shirts of revolution, men and women of all Italy, Italians all over the world, beyond the mountains, beyond the seas, listen. A solemn hour is about to strike in the history of the country. Twenty million Italians are at this moment gathered in the squares of all Italy. It is the greatest demonstration that human history records. Twenty millions, one heart alone, one will alone, one decision.

This manifestation signifies that the tie between Italy and Fascism is perfect, absolute, unalterable. Only brains softened by puerile illusions, by sheer ignorance, can think differently, because they do not know what exactly is the Fascist Italy of 1935.

For many months the wheel of destiny and of the impulse of our calm determination moves toward the goal. In these last hours the rhythm has increased and nothing can stop it now.

It is not only an army marching towards its goal, but it is forty-four million Italians marching in unity behind this army. Because the blackest of injustices is being attempted against them, that of taking from them their place in the sun. When in 1915 Italy threw in her fate with that of the Allies, how many cries of admiration, how many promises were heard? But after the common victory, which cost Italy six hundred thousand dead, four hundred thousand lost, one million wounded, when peace was being discussed around the table only the crumbs of a rich colonial booty were left for us to pick up. For thirteen years we have been patient while the circle tightened around us at the hands of those who wish to suffocate us.

We have been patient with Ethiopia for forty years. It is enough now.

The League of Nations instead of recognizing the rights of Italy dares talk of sanctions, but until there is proof to the contrary I refuse to believe that the authentic people of France will join in supporting sanctions against Italy. Six hundred thousand dead whose devotion was so heroic that the enemy commander justly admired them -- those fallen would now turn in their graves.

And until there is proof to the contrary, I refuse to believe that the authentic people of Britain will want to spill blood and send Europe into a catastrophe for the sake of a barbarian country, unworthy of ranking among civilized nations. Nevertheless, we cannot afford to overlook the possible developments of tomorrow.

To economic sanctions, we shall answer with our discipline, our spirit of sacrifice, our obedience. To military sanctions, we shall answer with military measures. To acts of war, we shall answer with acts of War.

A people worthy of their past and their name cannot and never will take a different stand. Let me repeat, in the most categorical manner, that the sacred pledge which I make at this moment before all the Italians gathered together today, is that I shall do everything in my power to prevent a colonial conflict from taking on the aspect and weight of a European war.

This conflict may be attractive to certain minds which hope to avenge their disintegrated temples through this new catastrophe. Never, as at this historical hour, have the people of Italy revealed such force of character, and it is against this people to which mankind owes its greatest conquest, this people of heroes, of poets and saints, of navigators, of colonizers, that the world dares threaten sanctions.

Italy! Italy! entirely and universally Fascist! The Italy of the black shirt revolution, rise to your feet, let the cry of your determination rise to the skies and reach our soldiers in East Africa. Let it be a comfort to those who are about to fight. Let it be an encouragement to our friends and a warning to our enemies. It is the cry of Italy which goes beyond the mountains and the seas out into the great world. It is the cry of justice and of victory.


  1. Hey,Ihighly appreciate you writing,I'd like to share few the point with you.
    Mussolini thwarted the Jewish organized crime network that was wrecking his country by holding open ballot elections and promising that his government would hold no secrets from it's citizens. Hitler adopted "fascism" because it returned the rule of law back to the people. This "smear-job" video is necessary for the same reason Mussolini was beat to death, rather than taken to a court of law - that the truth about the man would show his that he was a better and more honest leader than any of the Allies could produce.Thanks you so much!
    Africa News

  2. Fascism, not unlike what is described today as Progressive. Promoted the tyranny of the majority. Finger wag justice systems. If you had a baby that was less than perfection it was promoted and encouraged to be seen as an event that required a parent to feel shame. People who were diseased and not able to be productive and valuable to the collective were dispensable as a liability and cost to everyone else. Hitler and Mussolini preached eugenics and racial purity. Describing mixed race relations as not only an abomination against man but insulting to the church. Smoking, drinking obesity and homosexual activity, were considered sins, by a pious cult authority and government styling that survived and became popular, in support of greed and self sanctimony. The divisions of communities by fear, that spawned this type of mindset, while blessed by ignorance. Relied on hateful propaganda and control of free speech in the news. Controls and divisions of the good and bad people, are on the move again today. With different targets in it's sights one common element remains "protecting the children" and "living healthy" as a duty to the state, to demand and punish. Even a risk is defined a danger that threatens all. No mater how remote or likely "there is no safe level".

    Because people eventually grew to recognize the protection racket for what it really was, at the end of the war people were pretending to smoke, to show their contempt, of the micro-management styling [political correctness] of peoples personal lifestyles The conditioned relationships with their own children, that had them fearing each other were mended when the fraud that was fascism revealed itself. Your dim wit perspective, that governments hanged Mussolini are a long way from factual. In the end his "protected" population, had no patience for the long corrupted justice system, or any confidence that Justice would be done. Sometimes if you need something done, you have to do it yourself. Justice was done and he was given all the respect he ever deserved along with his greedy, pious and finger wag weary, little trollop.

  3. Just to clarify the one undeniable truth that defeats fascism and modern UN centrist one world Progressive idiocy.

    At the end of the war a question was put to science and religious leaders. How do we counter the promotions of fascism?

    The answer was almost immediate and unanomous with both the followers of science evolution and The clergy with Adam and Eve.

    If we all originated from a single gene pool all of our differences are entirely environmental.

    So where do you want to live?

    Embracing fear and ignorance, or trust and understanding in/of those around you?

  4. "six hundred and seventy thousand." Mussolini said there were six hundred and seventy thousand killed.

  5. Fascist Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935, not 1933.

  6. This speech was broadcast by Mussolini on October 2, 1935, not in 1933.

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